Fair trade clothing in Canada (capsule wardrobe) on the Rosette Network
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Fair trade clothing in Canada: the capsule wardrobe

If I had a dime for every time someone asked me where to find basic, minimalist fair trade clothing in Canada, I’d be a billionaire. The fair trade clothing movement has been steadily gaining momentum as more and more folks realize how unsustainable fast fashion is. (For planet, yes, but especially for people, as shown in the 2013 Rana Plaza incident.) Even in Canada, which isn’t usually able to keep up with Europe in the fair trade area, fair trade and sweatshop-free clothing is discussed more and more among businesses…

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Working ethical trade into a vegan lifestyle guest post by EcoAnouk on Rosette Fair Trade
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Working ethical trade into a vegan lifestyle

The journey into veganism is a long and winding one – perhaps not for everyone, but it certainly has been for me. I’m still not completely settled into my vegan lifestyle and I definitely make mistakes every now and then. But that is expected, isn’t it? Lifestyle changes are hard. And an ethics-led lifestyle change may be more deliberate and abrupt, but it’s still not a walk in the park.  When you’re already focusing on living a vegan lifestyle, how can you add support for ethical practices into the mix…

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Top 6 fair trade clothing brands in Canada on Rosette Fair Trade (etik and co)
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Top 6 fair trade clothing brands in Canada

People ask me all the time what my top picks are when it comes to fair trade clothing brands. In the UK, there are tons, and I’m even seeing quite a few pop up in the US. Unfortunately, Canada doesn’t have nearly the same visibility. So today we’re going to change that! These are (in no particular order) my top 6 fair trade clothing brands in Canada. And in case you’re like me and love the convenience of online shopping, they’re all available for purchase online, too! If you’re not…

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What is fair trade and why is it important - fair trade education from Rosette Fair Trade
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What is fair trade and why is it important?

A few weeks ago, I offered a free webinar called Fair trade 101: what is fair trade and why is it important? At that point, I realized that there were tons of questions out there around what fair trade is and why it matters. Since not everyone could make it to the webinar, I thought making a post would be a great way to continue educating about fair trade. So here we have it: a post that has similar content to my webinar! If you have other questions, please don’t…

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Fair trade vs free trade differences, comparison and infographic on Rosette Fair Trade
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Fair trade vs free trade (conventional trade): what’s the difference?

If you start Googling fair trade, one of the first autofills is almost always “fair trade vs free trade.” These two things sound similar in name, so they cause some confusion. But fair trade and free trade (or conventional trade) are very different things. Today we’ll discuss why! I’ve already gone into detail about why fair trade and organic aren’t the same, but the simple question of fair trade vs free trade is one that I get all the time. And the answer is basically at the very heart of…

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Fairtrade vegan snacks guide from Rosette Fair Trade, featuring dried mangoes, granola and more
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Fair trade vegan snacks guide

At Rosette Fair Trade, vegan snacks are important to us! I mean, all snacks are important to us, to be honest. Snacks are a very important part of life! But those among us who are avoiding animal products, whether it be due to sensitivities or for ethical reasons, tend to have an especially tough time finding appropriate munchies. So today we’re going to talk about fair trade vegan snacks, many of which you can find right on the store for your convenience, but others that you can probably also find…

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Fairtrade Month 2019 (May) on Rosette Fair Trade!
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May is Fairtrade Month in Canada!

Did you know that May is Fairtrade Month in Canada? Well, I guess the title gave that part away… But what you may not know so well is what Fairtrade Month actually is. I’m here to clear all of that up! I’m going to discuss not only the what of Fairtrade Month (in Canada), but also the who and the why. What is Fairtrade Month (in Canada)? Fairtrade Month is a little different in Canada than elsewhere. In fact, in other places, it’s a fortnight rather than a month! (Looking…

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Fair trade vs organic mango and avocado
Fair trade education

Fair trade vs organic: what’s the difference?

The fair trade vs organic question is a common one. Consumers are more conscious than ever about their purchases, which is a great—and also sometimes confusing—thing! While fair trade and organic are movements that have a relationship with one another, one is no more the same as the other than a person is the same as their partner. Sure, there are some common interests, but they’ve still got their own strengths! Many fair trade products are also organic, and as such, some organic products are also fair trade. But the…

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