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The 8th fair trade principle: capacity building

Today we’re looking at the 8th fair trade principle as part of our countdown of the World Fair Trade Organization’s 10 Principles of Fair Trade. This is the third post in the series, so if you missed the others, you can start with the 10th principle: respecting the environment. Or if you caught that, but not the second post, last week we talked about the 9th principle: promoting fair trade. Then you’ll be all caught up for this post! So now that business is dealt with, let’s get into why…

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Fair trade education

Fair trade sugar makes Fairtrade Month extra sweet!

Fair trade sugar isn’t usually considered the star of the fair trade movement, but maybe it should be! There’s no comparison to the light caramel flavour of golden cane sugar in your coffee, baked goods or even your favourite fair trade chocolate. Those beautiful, golden crystals of sweetness put the whole cane sugar vs white sugar debate to bed in a heartbeat. (But we’ll still talk about it briefly below.) For those who don’t already obsess over fair trade (like I do), May is Fairtrade Month. And for 2020, Fairtrade…

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