How it works

Rosette Fair Trade (part of The Rosette Network Ltd.) is fair trade online store. So it works much like any other online store, only all the products have to meet fair trade standards.

How the Rosette Fair Trade online store works

We keep products from our suppliers in stock (our home base is in Ottawa, if you were wondering!). When you order through Rosette Fair Trade’s online store, we pack up those products and ship them to you. Easy as pie!

Our business model benefits consumers and small fair trade brands alike. Here are just some of the ways:

  • You can find a variety of brands all in one place, which is more convenient than ordering separately from each
  • Online shopping isn’t something that small fair trade brands usually have the capacity for. Now they can reach more consumers online through the power of collaboration!
  • Bundling up orders allows you to take advantage of free shipping on larger orders more easily
  • Because we don’t keep a brick-and-mortar storefront, we can offer competitive prices for fair trade products
  • Cutting out middlemen means more of the money you pay goes directly to producers and small businesses
  • Small brands that might not get much visibility on their own can receive cross-promotion on Rosette!

How fair trade suppliers are selected

Rosette Fair Trade takes its suppliers very seriously. We only want to feature the highest-quality brands that are doing great social, economic and environmental sustainability work. For Rosette Fair Trade, that means only accepting products for our online store that meet the highest fair trade standards. We work with businesses who are certified by Fairtrade International, the Small Producers’ Symbol (SPP) or Fair For Life (IMO). We also work with businesses who are verified by the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) or the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). These bodies uphold a standard of fair trade that Rosette Fair Trade can feel proud to carry.

Suppliers are also evaluated based on how they will contribute to the customer experience. If we feel that a product won’t enrich our customers’ lives, we don’t include it in the online store.

For more details on how we choose suppliers, check out the becoming a fair trade supplier page.

How the Rosette Fair Trade online store remains sustainable

You may be wondering how Rosette is able to cover its own costs. Rosette Fair Trade does make a modest profit off of sales through the online store. These funds can be re-invested into the growth and sustainability of the business.

Specifically, how does Rosette Fair Trade make money? Here are a couple of ways:

  • Rosette pays wholesale prices to suppliers, so that we can mark them up a little to help cover costs
  • We don’t have a storefront, so we don’t have to pay most of the expenses that brick-and-mortar businesses incur
  • Instead of spending tons of money on advertising like larger companies can do, Rosette focuses on more sustainable marketing practices. This includes making sure that our customers are so happy that they tell all their friends about us!

It’s important to make sure that our small business suppliers can sell with us without taking unnecessary business risk. We work with each supplier to ensure that the prices we pay are going to benefit all parties.