The 9th fair trade principle is the promotion of fair trade (Rosette Network blog)
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The 9th fair trade principle: promoting fair trade

Today we’re talking about the 9th fair trade principle, which is promoting fair trade. It’s the second in our countdown series of deep dives into the 10 principles of fair trade, set forth by the World Fair Trade Organzation! (If you missed the first post in this countdown series, start with the deep dive into the 10th fair trade principle here!) The 9th fair trade principle (promoting fair trade) is one of my favourites because it’s something I do a lot as a fair trade business! So without further ado,…

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10th fair trade principle (respect for the environment) deep dive on Rosette Fair Trade
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The 10th fair trade principle: respect for the environment

Welcome to the 10th fair trade principle, where we’ll kick off our series on all 10 of the principles of fair trade! This series will look at each of them in-depth. Today’s fair trade principle is respect for the environment, which is the 10th fair trade principle. In short, fair trade companies and producers must act responsibly towards the environment. How this looks will vary depending on the producer’s industry (for example, are they soap makers or cotton farmers?). But the principle requires that the producer consider the environment at…

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Fair trade clothing in Canada (capsule wardrobe) on the Rosette Network
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Fair trade clothing in Canada: the capsule wardrobe

If I had a dime for every time someone asked me where to find basic, minimalist fair trade clothing in Canada, I’d be a billionaire. The fair trade clothing movement has been steadily gaining momentum as more and more folks realize how unsustainable fast fashion is. (For planet, yes, but especially for people, as shown in the 2013 Rana Plaza incident.) Even in Canada, which isn’t usually able to keep up with Europe in the fair trade area, fair trade and sweatshop-free clothing is discussed more and more among businesses…

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Top 6 fair trade clothing brands in Canada on Rosette Fair Trade (etik and co)
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Top 6 fair trade clothing brands in Canada

People ask me all the time what my top picks are when it comes to fair trade clothing brands. In the UK, there are tons, and I’m even seeing quite a few pop up in the US. Unfortunately, Canada doesn’t have nearly the same visibility. So today we’re going to change that! These are (in no particular order) my top 6 fair trade clothing brands in Canada. And in case you’re like me and love the convenience of online shopping, they’re all available for purchase online, too! If you’re not…

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