Green Sunshine smoothie recipe on the Rosette Fair Trade blog (overhead shot of glasses)

Green Sunshine smoothie recipe with fair trade fruit!

I’m sharing my Green Sunshine smoothie recipe with you all today because it’s a special occasion: Fairtrade Month! Now, please understand that when I say this is a recipe, it’s a loose definition of the term. Perhaps a more accurate word would be a formula, for instance, where you can customize your smoothie to what you have on hand and what mood you’re in. And I love formulae, don’t you? 🙂 The reason I call it this smoothie Green Sunshine is because when you make it as written, it tastes…

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Fair trade fruit beyond bananas (assorted tropical fruit on a smoothie bowl)
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Fair trade fruit: beyond bananas!

When we think about fair trade fruit, often we do think of bananas. And there’s a good reason for that, which is that bananas are one of the original products that advocates were fighting for when the fair trade movement was still very young in Canada. Thankfully, now you can get Fairtrade Certified bananas from large grocery chains like Farm Boy (in Ontario) and IGA (in Quebec). I also hear that major groceries in BC are carrying them. (If I’m missing someone, apologies! Let me know where you get your…

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