Scratch butter chicken recipe (chicken in sauce on basmati rice) from Rosette Fair Trade (featured image)

Scratch butter chicken recipe

I promised you help with your boredom cooking, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say this scratch butter chicken recipe is exactly what you need.

Is it perfect, like that incredible morsel you get when you go to a good restaurant? Maybe not. But then, is there anything that tastes better than food you didn’t have to make yourself? I’m pretty sure convenience is the secret ingredient that makes all things better!

But shy of having to brave the outdoors, this is about as good as it gets. And if you’re vegetarian, we’ve got a variation for you, too. Just sub firm or extra-firm tofu for your protein and you’ve got delicious butter tofu from scratch!

So rather than me rambling about how great it is forever, let’s go over how to make it so you can taste for yourself how yummy it is!

(If photos and guided how-tos aren’t your thing, you can also go directly to the scratch butter chicken recipe by clicking below. 🙂 )

How to prepare the chicken for scratch butter chicken

When you’re making scratch butter chicken (as opposed to out of a can—hey, no judgement!), the chicken gets involved earlier on in the process. You’ll want to marinade it in lemon juice before you start actually cooking anything, because the acidity of the lemon will help to break down the proteins in the chicken and tenderize it. This contributes to a nice, tender bite in the finished product, and it also imparts a nice flavour because of the tangy lemon.

Preparing the chicken - the first marinade

Once the first marinade is done (it’s just a quick 20-30 minutes), you’ll marinate the chicken again in a yogurt mixture. This helps to further tenderize the meat, and this will be a longer resting period. You can leave it in the marinade in your fridge for up to 2 days for the most tender chicken, but 12 hours is the minimum I’d recommend based on my research. The yogurt, which is acidic like the lemon, will tenderize the meat and make it taste amazing because of the spices you’ve mixed into the marinade!

Second marinade with yogurt and spices for the chicken (or tofu)

So once you’ve gone ahead and mixed up your yogurt marinade, the secret to good scratch butter chicken is marinating the meat for at least 12 hours (up to 2 days) in the fridge. If you’re using tofu as a vegetarian protein, this step is more important for the flavour that it imparts, as the spices will penetrate the tofu and make it super yummy.

Scratch butter chicken recipe - yogurt marinade on chicken

And after the second marinade, it’s time to move onto the cooking part!

The first cooking step in scratch butter chicken is to pan-fry the chicken and yogurt marinade. (If you’re using tofu, the same applies.)

Your yogurt mixture will have the moisture cook off, so it’s normal for it to look almost a little curdled. You won’t even notice it in the finished curry!

Scratch butter chicken recipe - first cook of chicken with yogurt marinade

How to make butter chicken sauce

While your protein is cooking, you’ll want to make your tomato-cashew sauce, which you can do by pureeing the cashews and tomato in your blender. You’ll want to get it as smooth as possible, and so I use my bullet-type blender. It kind of looks like creamy carrot puree when you’re done!

Scratch butter chicken recipe - tomato-cashew sauce in the bullet blender

Now is the amazing, fragrant step! Melt a little butter or add a little oil to the pan and stir-fry the whole spices! Aromas of clove, cardamom and cinnamon will fill your kitchen and is there really any greater gift? I think not.

Once your fragrant spices are cooking with your ginger root and garlic, you can stir in your tomato-cashew mixture, and you’ll cook this until it’s thickened. You should be able to draw the spoon across the bottom of the pan and leave a trail for a moment before the sauce covers the pan back up.

Once it’s thick, add a little water to thin it out and simmer for about 5 minutes.

Scratch butter chicken recipe - simmering the sauce to the right consistency

At this point, you’ll add your chicken to cook it the rest of the way through. Because it also has the marinade with it, it’ll add an extra flavour depth to the sauce, too. Simmer another 5 minutes or so, until the chicken is tender but cooked through.

We’ll simmer a couple minutes longer with some extra spices (including garam masala). Then we add the cream! Yum!

Scratch butter chicken recipe - the last step is mixing cream into the sauce!

How to serve this dish

Once the cream is mixed in, you’re ready to enjoy your scratch butter chicken! Serve it over cooked basmati rice with naan bread for a real treat! A nice green salad is also a refreshing side to include—especially with cucumber! The crisp flavour is really a nice accent to the richness of the butter chicken sauce.

In our house, we have this scratch butter chicken with rice and salad, and we get about 6 large helpings out of it. I’m sure it won’t last too much longer in your house than it does in ours! 😉

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