Golden Cane Sugar (Turbinado), 1kg

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Minimally-refined sugar made from cane juice. Its delectable taste will transform your baked goods, coffee and tea into sweet flavour sensations.

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Fairtrade cane sugar (turbinado) from Camino is Fairtrade Certified®. It also has organic certification by Canada Organic. Vegan. Available in 1kg bags.

The Manduvira cooperative in Paraguay lovingly produces the sugar cane for this sugar. It is also minimally refined. And because they only use natural processes, the sugar remains a light golden colour. The producers receive a fair price, and they also receive an organic premium because their sugar cane carries organic certification! As a result, they earn more money for their families and we get a higher-quality sugar, which is a win-win situation!

Ingredients: Fairtrade cane sugar (turbinado).

Product details

  • Name: Golden cane sugar (turbinado)
  • Product: Natural cane sugar with minimal refining
  • Category: Baking ingredients
  • Brand: Camino (La Siembra)
  • Certifications: Fairtrade InternationalOrganic
  • Item weight: 1kg
  • Origin country: Paraguay
  • Cooperatives: Manduvira (Paraguay)
  • Package details: Re-sealable plastic pouch
  • Details: This fairtrade cane sugar retains some of the natural goodness of sugar cane juice, without the hyper-processing. Also, did you know that some white sugar in the grocery isn’t even vegan? That’s because they use a bone product to filter it, so that it gets completely white, but this makes it unsuitable for vegans. On the other hand, this golden cane sugar is only processed naturally. As a result, it keeps a little of the caramel flavour from the molasses. (Fun fact: molasses occurs naturally in sugar cane, so much of the refining process actually focuses on removing the molasses.) Made naturally and also free of any animal-derived additives or processes, you can substitute this sugar into any recipe that calls for white sugar. Your taste buds will thank you!

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Additional information

Weight 1000 g

Fair trade body

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1 review for Golden Cane Sugar (Turbinado), 1kg

  1. justindeconti (verified owner)

    Fair Trade sugar for my Fair Trade coffee! Delicious and ethical!

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