True Cinnamon (Ceylon), 30g

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Did you know that most of the “cinnamon” on the market is actually cassia? This more common and less expensive cousin of True Cinnamon lacks the delicate flavour profile and natural sweetness that True Cinnamon offers.

Cha’s Organics proudly offers only the highest quality Fairtrade certified True Cinnamon, grown on biodiverse spice gardens by small-scale producers in Sri Lanka.


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Fairtrade cinnamon from Cha’s Organics is Fairtrade Certified®. It also has organic certification by Canada Organic. Naturally vegan. Available in 30g boxes.

True cinnamon (ceylon) comes ground for easy use in your favourite recipes.

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Recipes featuring this ingredient

Homemade garam masala (spice blend)
Homemade shawarma seasoning
Honey peanut butter cookies
Granny’s (vegan) raisin spice cake

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Weight 30 g
Fair trade body


1 review for True Cinnamon (Ceylon), 30g

  1. justindeconti (verified owner)

    I love cinnamon and I wasn’t sure how different “true” cinnamon was going to be, but it’s fantastic. For me, the flavour is a bit sharper and spicier than the cinnamon I usually buy in the store. And it’s Fair Trade!

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