Will my order arrive all together?

Sometimes, yes! However, Rosette also partners with a number of wonderful small businesses, who also sell their fair trade wares on our platform. If you order from two different vendors in the same order, you may receive your order separately.

We know that our customers are concerned about their carbon footprint, because we are too. We decided to do some research on the topic and we were surprised to learn that it’s actually a common misconception that shipping has a large carbon footprint. Postal and parcel carriers are quite efficient because they almost never make single trips. Instead, they deliver many letters and parcels on a single route. It turns out that even bringing our car to the supermarket and back may have a larger carbon footprint than ordering the same items online and having them shipped. (If you do your groceries on a bicycle, of course, there’s no beating that!) Because we use Canada Post, the largest mail and parcel network in the country, it’s actually very efficient to send our parcels—especially since so many folks need to stay at home these days and delivery is the new normal.

If you select “local pickup” during checkout, we’ll wait until all your items are at our Ottawa office and you can pick them all up at once.

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