Felted Wool Dryer Balls


Ditch dryer sheets and reduce waste with a Felt Dryer Ball in assorted natural tones. This zero‒waste tool is handcrafted by artisans working with our fair trade partner Manushi in Nepal. Translating to mean, ”energetic woman,” Manushi empowers women to take charge of their own lives through sustainable employment and financial independence. 

  • Materials: felted wool
  • Colour: assorted shades of brown, light grey or grey
  • Package size: sold individually
  • Dimensions: 8cm/3.5” diameter


Why this product matters

The nonprofit organization Manushi, meaning “energetic woman,” was established in 1991 to assist poor, disadvantaged Nepali women. Located in Kathmandu, Manushi works with women in various parts of the country. The organization’s goals are to promote gender perspective in sustainable development, to enhance women’s social and economic status, to put women in the forefront of human development, and to put marginalized people in the world of work through handicraft production and small businesses. In addition to craft production and marketing, Manushi conducts community development, entrepreneurship and skills training, and provides microfinance loans. Currently some 90 percent of Manushi‘s artisans are women.

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These felted wool dryer balls from Ten Thousand Villages are handmade from natural sheep’s wool! With their 100% wool fibres felted into a smooth ball, these useful little spheres can replace many disposable dryer sheets. Ethically  made in Nepal, these balls are beloved additions to many households that strive for zero waste. Because they’re made of natural wool, they can simply be washed and reused if they get dirty. Skilled artisans make these handy dryer balls in Nepal—receiving a fair wage for their beautiful work, of course!

Often we use dryer sheets to help with de-wrinkling and static reduction. Some folks also like the smell they give clothing. But what if we told you that you can achieve all of this with these all-natural, felted wool dryer balls? Simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, let soak in for a few minutes and throw a few of these handy little felt balls into your laundry. The wool naturally helps reduce static and wrinkling, and the essential oils will leave your laundry smelling fresh and clean!

These dryer balls are sold separately, so that you can easily replace one that’s worn out or lost without having to get a whole set. They’re a natural, unbleached wool colour, which can range from a warm brown to a wide variety of greys and beiges. Sorry, we can’t select specific colours for customers, as they arrive to us already wrapped in paper.

Product details

  • Producer organization: Manushi
  • Origin country: Nepal
  • Package details: wrapped in newsprint
  • Details: If you’re looking to reduce your plastic use, wool dryer balls are a great way to start! Unlike commercial dryer sheets that end up in the landfill, these all-natural wool balls can be composted when they aren’t useful anymore! Simply toss them into the dryer with your laundry (we recommend using 3 at a time) and let them do their magic, reducing static and wrinkles! They also help to make your laundry dry faster, as they’ll absorb excess moisture. You’ll love these little eco-friendly powerhouses!

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