How long does shipping take?

We work hard to get your parcel in the mail within 5 business days of your order.

Usual shipping is about 5-7 business days during most of the year and about 12-14 business days during the holiday months. (We give these numbers so that you’re not disappointed in case Canada Post is slow for some reason. But some of our customers report receiving their items sooner.)

Unfortunately, since we rely on shipping partners to get your parcels to you, we don’t have a lot of control over how quickly they will deliver your package. But if you’re really in need of it quickly, we do offer an express shipping option for an additional fee. We typically work with Canada Post because many couriers will not deliver to PO boxes and we have lots of rural customers.

Please note that shipping will vary based on your location. Rosette is based in Ottawa and the closer to either coast you get, the longer shipping takes. It may take 2-3 days if you’re in Toronto but 7 days if you’re in Victoria. We do our best, but there’s only so much control we have, so we always really appreciate your understanding!

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