Hammered Swallow Earrings (birds)


These earrings are hand cut from brass sheet and planished using a specialist hammer to give them texture.


  • Approx drop 3cm.
  • Pendant size 1.8cm x 1.2cm.


Made in India

Why this product matters

This ethical jewellery is handmade by the Flowering Desert Project, which provides training and fairly paid work for women from rural communities in Tamil Nadu, India.

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If you’re looking for fair trade bird earrings, look no further than the Hammered Swallow Earrings from Just Trade UK! They’re a sustainable and affordable to spend time with the stars! Ethically made in India, these earrings are textured with a special hammer to give them an extra special look. Skilled artisans make these beautiful earrings in Tamil Nadu, India—receiving a fair wage for their beautiful work, of course!

Swallows are a symbol of hope in various cultures, making these earrings especially meaningful to some. But even if you just like the look of them, these bird earrings have lots of dangle and are super cute!

Available in one size (fits most), these lovely earrings are sure to fit perfectly into your wardrobe!

Because this product uses brass, you might notice mild greening of your skin. This is a normal and harmless interaction between the natural metal and our skin’s PH. Some folks report that this goes away with time, as the metal and skin get used to each other.

Product details

  • Name: Hammered Swallow Earrings
  • Product: Fair trade bird earrings
  • Category: Jewellery, earrings
  • Brand: Just Trade UK
  • Item size: 1.8cm x 1.2cm
  • Origin country: India
  • Producer group: Flowering Desert Project (India)
  • Package details: packed on a Just Trade tent card in a biodegradable cello bag.
  • Details: These gorgeous earrings are just right as a gift for someone who would appreciate fair trade bird earrings—even if that’s you! With the outline of beautiful swallows and a fun dangle to them, these earrings are perfect for all of your casual or even business casual needs! Plus, you can feel great knowing they support sustainable employment for skilled makers in India!

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