Zatoun extra virgin olive oil (750ml)


Certified Fair Trade Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Palestine. A delicate, full-bodied olive oil with a sweet, smooth taste and peppery finish. Ideal for a wide range of delicious uses and perfect for gift giving.

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Zatoun extra virgin olive oil is top-quality, cold-pressed, Palestinian olive oil that is certified by Fair For Life. Comes in a 750ml bottle, made of thick, green glass.

These bottles come without any plastic packaging, making them a zero-waste product.

Because of the conflict in and occupation of Palestine, Palestinian olive farmers face particular economic challenges. This product gives them access to crucial funds to keep their traditional olive farming alive and support their own wellbeing in a difficult situation. Your purchase really makes a difference!

Ingredients: 100% pure extra virgin olive oil.

More info from Zatoun

Zatoun Extra Virgin Olive Oil is grown using traditional methods on the ancient land and terraces on the hills of Palestine. Sourced from small-scale growers working in co-operatives in the West Bank this is the world’s first fair trade olive oil (awarded certification in 2009).

Zatoun is made for the Nabali olive variety native to Palestine – the land of the first olive trees.  It is delicate, full-bodied, with a sweet and smooth and a peppery finish. 

Zatoun is perfect for dressings, marinades, for drizzling, and for sautéing vegetables or meats.  And it is simply delicious with pita bread and baguette – try with Zatoun’s own za’atar thyme herb mix. 

Always the perfect oil for your home table or someone else’s.  Gift Zatoun olive oil instead of a bottle of wine – your friends will enjoy the oil and remember the giver much longer.

Olive oil is the life blood of the land of Palestine and its people.  Grown and harvested by Palestinian farmers at great personal danger and cost. For many families olives and olive oil is a major source of sustenance and livelihood.

Zatoun Extra Virgin Olive Oil is supplied and bottled in Jenin area of West Bank by Canaan Fair Trade, one of the oldest exporters of quality olive oil from Palestine.   

To produce high quality extra virgin olive oil olives must be totally unbruised, pressed immediately, and stored in stainless steel.  The olive harvest in Palestine is in October and November which is earlier than other Mediterranean countries.  The olives are picked by hand and pressed in one of 27 village presses or centrally using state-of-the-art olive press in a splendid new facility in Burqin, Palestine.

Product details

      • Name: Zatoun Fair Trade Extra Virgin Olive Oil
      • Product: Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
      • Category: Cooking oil, Pantry Staples
      • Brand: Zatoun
      • Certifications: Fair For LifeOrganic
      • Item size: 750ml
      • Cooperatives: Palestine Fair Trade Association (Palestine), Canaan Fair Trade (Palestine)
      • Package details: Green glass bottle with paper labels and metal screw-cap
      • Details: This is the only olive oil that we use around our offices and homes! It has a complexity of flavour unparalleled by any other EVOO you’ve tried. Aromatic and almost perfume-like, this oil will instantly level-up your salad dressings, marinades and more! And you can feel good about enjoying a more flavourful meal when you remember that your purchase supports traditional Palestinian olive farmers by providing them with a fair income!

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