Currently showing all fair trade spices available on Rosette Fair Trade’s online store.

We offer lots of options from sweet nutmeg to savoury peppercorns. These come to us from Cha’s Organics and Zatoun, who both source their seasonings ethically from small-scale producers.

Spices add so much depth to our food, even if we only use a little. Now it’s easy to pick up some sustainable ceylon cinnamon and aromatic nutmeg for your sweet dishes. It’s also just as simple to get your turmeric, curry powder and cardamom pods for those savoury dishes! We love offering a wide range of sweet and savoury spices, so that we can make it easy for our customers to choose fair trade!

Because there are so many fair trade options available now in Canada, why not make the switch to ethical seasonings that you can feel great about?

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