Currently showing all fair trade soap (bar & liquid) available on Rosette Fair Trade’s online store.

In 2020, we really learned the importance of soap! We carry products from Karité Delapointe, which contain highly-moisturizing, fair trade shea butter. We also offer options from Dr Bronner’s, which is famous for its many uses around the home!

Choose between bar soap and liquid soap. Bar soap is more sustainable, as it avoids the plastic altogether. But you can also choose Dr Bronner’s liquid soap, which comes in 100% recycled plastic bottles. This makes the plastic impact a little smaller, and helps to reduce plastic waste in our oceans by putting it to good use once again!

Our beautiful, fair trade soap is all ethically-made, and we don’t carry any soaps that are tested on animals. All of these lovely soaps are vegan! (Look for the jumping bunny on Dr Bronner’s bottles!)

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