Acopagro (Peru)

ACOPAGRO (Peru) produces fairtrade, organic cocoa beans (cacao) for many products featured on Rosette Fair Trade
Members of the ACOPAGRO (Peru) cooperative, harvesting cocoa pods and opening them up to remove the cocoa beans inside.

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About ACOPAGRO (Peru)

From the ACOPAGRO (Peru) website [translated from Spanish]:

We are an organization of small producers of superior-quality cocoa, located in the Central Huallaga Valley, San Martin region, Peru. Distributed in 4 Provinces: Mariscal Caceres, Huallaga, Bellavista and Picota with over 2000 members. Our main activity is cocoa promotion and cultivation, from its sowing, maintenance and harvest, and the export of organic cocoa beans.

Our Mission is: “To produce organic cocoa with good flavour and aroma, to the satisfaction of our customers.”

Our Vision: “That ACOPAGRO be a leading cooperative company in the worldwide production and trade of high-quality cocoa, sustainably improving the income and quality of life of its members.”

Our main values ​​are Solidarity and Trust.

We export to Italy, France, Switzerland, Holland and the United States. More than seeking to grow our number of members, we seek to increase the productivity of our existing members. Our members produce 1,000 kilos per hectare on average. This year we invested over 1 million in our members’ production, so they could organically fertilize an average of 500 hectares. We hope that in the coming years, our members will average 2,000 kilos per hectare.

The Key Proposal or Four Success Factors of the Cooperativa Agraria Cacaotera ACOPAGRO are the following:

  • Organization and association of producers
  • Promotion of a product with an international market
  • Technology transfer to partners
  • Credits for production and harvest


That is the basis of our growth. We started in 1997 with 27 members, and now we have 2000 and we continue to grow.

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