My Rose Gold

Rose Gold balance:

That’s how much Rose Gold you currently have.

When you have enough to redeem, you’ll see a notice here.

Want to earn more? Learn more about how to earn Rose Gold.

Using my Rose Gold

You can use your Rose Gold to pay for your orders at any time, as long as you have enough Rose Gold to cover the cost of the whole order.

If you wish to redeem your Rose Gold sooner, we recommend using your Rose Gold to purchase a Rosette Fair Trade gift card. This will allow you to use your Rose Gold in increments of $10 towards larger orders. It costs 1000 Rose Gold to purchase a $10 Rosette Fair Trade gift card.

So for example, if you reach 1000 Rose Gold, you can use it to purchase a $10 gift card. The next time you make a purchase, even if it’s for $200, you can use your gift card to save $10 on the order.

My Rose Gold referral link

You can use this link to refer friends to Rosette! Each friend you refer to the website earns you Rose Gold, and each friend that signs up for their own account earns you even more Rose Gold! *

Please note that only one person may claim points from a referral. That means that if someone else invites your friend first, their account will be credited with the Rose Gold for the referral.

* Users must be logged in to copy their unique referral link. If this link only shows the Rosette website address, please be sure to log into your account and refresh the page so that you can get the correct referral link.