Fair trade clothing

Fair trade clothing, footwear and accessories are a great way to support small-scale, fair trade makers and farmers! When you’re shopping in conventional stores, you’re likely picking up garments that were made in the developing world, but workers’ rights likely weren’t protected in the process. The unfortunate truth is that unsafe working conditions are the norm in the garment industry, and poverty wages are standard.

Adding fair trade clothing to your closet is an excellent way to create positive change for workers! Whether they’re making clothing, shoes or hand-knit winter accessories, all workers and makers deserve to work in safe conditions, and for a living wage. If you agree, check out all the great products below that we owe to these hard-working makers!

Everyday Pocket Dress by The Good Tee on Rosette Fair Trade

Fair trade dresses & tunics

Love a summer dress? Have a semi-formal event coming up? Want to level-up your work wardrobe? Dresses are the answer, and we’ve got only the most ethical options for you! Check out our selection of dresses made from cozy jersey (with pockets!) or lightweight summer viscose for that warm weather. They’ll help keep you cool and you’ll love accessorizing them and making them your own!

Fair trade shirts & hoodies

If you’re looking to add to your wardrobe or even give a meaningful gift, shirts are a great place to start! These fair trade (and mostly also organic) sweaters, t-shirts and dresses will keep you stylish while also paying the makers a fair wage!

Organic cotton basic leggings by Maggie's Organics (black) on Rosette Fair Trade

Fair trade bottoms

From shorts to leggings to skirts, fair trade bottoms are important! It’s always recommended that you wear bottoms when you’re leaving the home! Why not pick garments that pay a fair wage to the people who made them? It makes wearing pants worthwhile!

Etik & co. sneakers (running shoes) in Converse style on Rosette Fair Trade

Fair trade shoes

Footwear is a relatively new fair trade option in Canada! Thanks to our partners at etik & co., we’re happy to offer stylish sneakers for all your athletic needs!

Etik & co. socks patterned on Rosette Fair Trade

Fair trade socks & underwear

These are also part of our clothing consumption! While we don’t tend to replace them as often, getting high-quality socks and underwear can mean they’ll last much longer. This cuts down our environmental impact and also helps us support ethical makers, so it’s a win-win!

Fair trade accessories

Year-round accessories like scarves and bags are also part of our carbon footprint. You can support fair trade makers while also getting a high-quality piece that will last a long time. Why not choose this ethical double-down so that everyone wins?

The classic beanie

Fair trade winter accessories

When the cool months are on their way, our bodies are so thankful for warm, wooly knits! Check out our selection of warm accessories for the autumn and wintertime, such as hats, mittens and scarves!

Fair trade baby onesie (The Fair Trade Baby Short Sleeve Onesie) by The Good Tee on the Rosette Network

Fair trade baby clothes

What’s cuter than organic baby clothing? Fair trade and organic baby clothing, especially when it’s on your baby! Check out the selection of shirts, bottoms, onesies and more!