Sell your products on Rosette’s Marketplace!

The Rosette Network’s Marketplace brings together the best Canadian fair trade brands, as well as in-demand products from international suppliers. Rosette is a fast-growing, fair trade-only online marketplace where consumers are looking for high-quality, ethical products.

If you sell fair trade products to Canadian consumers, Rosette’s Marketplace might be right for you. Despite our perfect 5-star review on Google, the top constructive feedback we get from our customers is that they wish we had even more selection of fair trade products! That’s where you come in. Help us supply our customers’ demand!

Why should you sell on the Rosette Marketplace? Well, for starters…

Did you know that over 60% of Rosette’s traffic comes from search engines? We rank on the first page of Google in Canada for lots of competitive searches in the fair trade industry, such as “fair trade gifts” and “fair trade products”. With our impressive search engine performance, and nearly 90% of our website traffic comprised of new visitors, we look forward to introducing you to brand new business prospectives through our Marketplace!

Our competitive fees are commission-only, meaning that even the smallest business can sell sustainably in our marketplace. There is no risk: if you sell nothing, you pay nothing. However, with over 1000 unique monthly visitors, a 3% conversion rate and an average order size of over $70, our marketplace is in a great position to increase your sales. In fact, all of our current vendor partners make sales every month. And it’s all automated! You can set it and forget it.

Since Rosette Fair Trade is an online marketplace, most of our customers expect their orders to be shipped to them. We understand that small businesses may not be equipped for online sales or some aspects of B2C shipping. That’s why we offer subsidized shipping fees and shipping support for vendors who need it.

As a marketplace that features exclusively fair trade companies, Rosette gives its vendors a special advantage: our users are already seeking out fair trade products!

Rosette Fair Trade, as its name suggests, focuses on businesses that practice true fair trade. Below you’ll find the specific requirements for Rosette vendors.

Vendor eligibility

In order for a company to be accepted as a vendor in the Rosette Network’s Marketplace, it must meet the following requirements (at a minimum):

  • Be based in Canada, or have a major office located in Canada *
  • Be a small business with no more than 50 employees (exclusive of producers in the Global South)
  • Be a member of a fair trade organization (Fair Trade Federation, World Fair Trade Organization) or have at least some products certified by a third-party certifier (Fairtrade International/FLO, Fair For Life, Small Producers’ Symbol/SPP) **
  • Be a registered business in Canada (sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership, cooperative, etc.)
  • Be able to fulfill and ship consumer orders on a regular basis (shipping support is available on request)

* Companies located outside of Canada are welcome to apply to become a fair trade supplier.
** For companies that have some products that are certified and others that are not, please note that only certified products may be listed on our marketplace.

Even if a company meets all of the criteria above, we may decline its application. The most common reason companies are declined is because we already have other vendors selling similar products.

We at Rosette only accept the highest-quality, true fair trade vendors into our marketplace. Think that’s you? Apply below to start selling today!