Worldshake fair trade juice cocktail (organic)

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An original, great-tasting combination of grapefruit, orange, banana and red beet. Freshly squeezed apple/ pear juice adds the final touch to this pure and unsweetened fruit juice. No added sugar, flavourings and artificial colourings.

Sourced from Pinora (Ghana), Coagrosol (Brazil), Coopealnor (Brazil) & El Guabo (Ecuador).

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Worldshake fair trade juice cocktail (organic) by Oxfam Fair Trade is certified by Fairtrade International. Available in 1 litre tetra packs.

All-natural juice and purée blend, unsweetened and without artificial flavours or colours. Enjoy apple, orange, grapefruit, beet and banana juices and purées in this delicious fruit blend!

Folks who prefer a not-too-sweet juice will be delighted by this one! It’s got no added sugar and is only sweetened by natural fruit juice and purée. It has a slight tartness to it still, which we found really enjoyable. This isn’t your sugar-loaded cocktail; it’s a natural blend of organic fruits into a delicious and nutritious drink!

Ingredients: freshly pressed apple juice (46%), Fairtrade orange juice from concentrate (40%), Fairtrade grapefruit juice from concentrate (9%), red beet juice from concentrate (2.6%), Fairtrade banana puree (2.3%), antioxidant (ascorbic acid).

Product details

  • Name: Worldshake fair trade juice cocktail
  • Product: Juice blend made from various organic fruits
  • Category: Cold beverages, fruit juice
  • Brand: Oxfam Fair Trade
  • Certifications: Fairtrade International
  • Item volume: 1 litre (1000ml)
  • Origin countries: Ghana, Brazil, Ecuador
  • Cooperatives: Pinora (Ghana), Coagrosol (Brazil), Coopealnor (Brazil), El Guabo (Ecuador)
  • Package details: Tetra pack
  • Details: An all-natural blend of apple, orange, grapefruit, beetroot and banana in a satisfying and ethically-made fruit juice cocktail! Perfect for those looking to avoid added sugar, or artificial flavours and colours! This all-natural, unsweetened drink is full of the goodness of citrus fruits, beetroot, bananas and more!

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1 review for Worldshake fair trade juice cocktail (organic)

  1. Amanda

    I tried this because it was on sale so I didn’t have a big expectation. But its really good! Its got a bit of tartness in it and you can’t really tell what its made of just from the flavor, but it tastes good. I’m getting another jug of it today because the price is right!!

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