Striped Kitchen Towel Set


Highly absorbent, homespun, fair trade, classic. The towels in the Striped Kitchen Towel Set are just the kind of towels you want working for you in the kitchen. The cotton fibers are woven into threads, which are then woven on a loom to create the flat cloth these three towels are cut from. Unlike modern factory-made homespun cloth, these are made the traditional way—by hand, then hand loomed by the artisans working with our fair trade partners, MESH, in India. The rough weave will pick up spills, and the classic teal stripe will keep up with the aesthetic in the most-used room of your home—the kitchen!

Three towels are cut from a single piece of homespun cotton. Expect some selvage edges. 

  • Materials: 100% cotton
  • Care instructions: machine wash, warm water; do not bleach; line dry
  • Towel dimensions: 29″ long x 22″ wide
    Package size: set of 3


Why this product matters

MESH is a nonprofit organization that works with people with disabilities, many of whom are former leprosy patients. MESH provides training, marketing and exporting for numerous member groups. Increasingly, they are hiring people with disabilities to give administrative leadership. MESH works with leprosy colonies and rehabilitation workshops in villages all over India, ensuring fair wages. Established in the 1970s and registered in 1981, MESH was founded to provide opportunities for disabled people and their dependents, especially those affected by leprosy. Their goal is self-sufficiency for artisans. MESH is a fair trade company that exports products to fair trade organizations around the world.

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This Striped Kitchen Towel Set from Ten Thousand Villages is handmade, rustic and super absorbent! With their 100% cotton fibres and not-too-smooth texture, they’re designed to clean up spills and dry up moisture as effectively as possible. Ethically  made in India, these towels have a beautiful teal stripe on their neutral beige background, making them easy to work into your existing decor. Because they’re made of natural cotton, they can simply be washed and reused when they’re dirty. Skilled artisans make these useful towels in India—receiving a fair wage for their beautiful work, of course!

Whether you’re drying dishes or cleaning up an accidental mess, you’ll want to reach for these beautifully-made towels! They’re handwoven and made to last.

These towels come in packs of 3 (all three towels are cut from a single handwoven piece of fabric). They’re a natural, unbleached cotton colour with a teal stripe accent. Because these towels are divided from a handmade piece of fabric, you should expect some rustic elements, like occasional coarser threads, selvage edges, etc. They won’t look as perfect and cookie-cutter as a mass-produced towel, but that’s what makes them so beautiful!

Product details

  • Producer organization: MESH
  • Origin country: India
  • Package details: tied together with a piece of twine
  • Details: These towels are a truly unique and beautiful addition to any kitchen! Absorbent enough to soak up lots of water from wet dishes, but also coarse enough to give surfaces a good scrub if need be. Each set starts out as one hand-spun piece of cotton cloth, then it’s divided into 3 towels and hemmed. All of this is done by hand by the skilled makers at MESH, and this product provides a well-earned income for these hardworking folks!

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