Purple Tea Trio tins (loose leaf)


A variety pack of our top selling Purple Tea flavours: Purple Rain, Purple Jasmine, Purple Chocolate.

Organically Grown: Hand-picked in Kenya. No pesticides or chemicals are sprayed on our tea leaves.

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Purple Tea Trio tins (loose leaf) from JusTea is an assortment of fair trade tea that’s naturally very low in caffeine. Includes three varieties of JusTea’s famous purple tea: Purple Rain, Purple Jasmine and Purple Chocolate. JusTea is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, and their teas are also non-GMO certified. Available in beautiful, stackable tins (102g in total) with a hand-carved wooden spoon for portioning. And no teabags makes this a zero-waste product!

Each mini-tin of loose leaf tea contains enough for 15 cups if steeped once. It can also easily be steeped a second time, if you desire, giving you 30 delicious cups from one mini-tin! Because there are 3 small tins in this stacked set, that means 45 cups (or 90 if double-steeped) in total.

Also, make sure you hang onto your empty tin stack for other uses, or recycle it with your curbside recycling program!

Purple Rain ingredients: organic lemongrass, Kenyan purple tea, hibiscus, apple pieces, rosehips, natural passion fruit flavour.

Purple Jasmine ingredients: jasmine green tea, Kenyan purple tea, jasmine blossoms, cornflower blossoms.

Purple Chocolate ingredients: organic cacao shells, Kenyan purple tea, rose petals.

Product details

  • Name: Purple Tea Trio tins (loose leaf)
  • Product: Stack of 3 varieties of purple tea
  • Category: Loose leaf
  • Brand: JusTea
  • Certifications: Fair Trade Federation
  • Item weight: 102g
  • Origin country: Kenya
  • Producer: Katah family in the Nandi Hills
  • Package details: Reusable metal stackable tins with hand-carved wooden spoon.
  • Details: This is a perfect choice if you’re curious about a few purple teas from JusTea! So why not try a three-pack of mini tins? This package will let you sample Purple Rain, Purple Jasmine & Purple Chocolate all in one package! Each little tin has 15 teaspoons of tea, which will give you 15 single brews. You can also get 30 cups out of each tin if you re-brew the leaves! And because purple tea is naturally low in caffeine, you can avoid the jitters even if you indulge in a re-brew! But if you find one or more that you love, don’t worry; we also sell full tins of each flavour for your refill! Comes in a 102g stacked tin.

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Weight 70 g
Fair trade body




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