Plantain chips (Oxfam fair Trade)


Fried plantains (green bananas) with salt. Bananas are cultivated by some members of the cooperative and processed locally by our partner Coopesarapiqui.

Partner: Coopesarapiqui (Costa Rica)

Why this product matters

Coopesarapiqui producer holds yuca that will be made into yuca chips for Oxfam Fair Trade (photo courtesy of Oxfam-Wereldwinkels)
Photo courtesy of Oxfam-Wereldwinkels

“Oxfam pays us considerably more than the low market price for yuca in Costa Rica. Coopesarapiquí uses the fair trade premium to set up social projects and to support our coffee growing activities.” -Coopesarapiqui, Costa Rica


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These plantain chips by Oxfam Fair Trade are fairly traded with small producers in Costa Rica who are paid a fair wage for their plantains/bananas. Available in 85g bags.

These chips are processed and packaged on-site by the Costa Rican producer cooperative, keeping even more of the value-add (and income) in the producer community! So products like this really help producers achieve financial independence. Additionally, plantain chips made from green bananas are a familiar food for Costa Ricans, so these producers get to share one of their cultural foods with us in the process!

Coopesarapiqui, the cooperative that makes this product, is located in Costa Rica, where individual small producers come together into a larger producer organization. These producers work with Oxfam Fair Trade, based in Belgium, to market their plantain/banana chips primarily to a European market. However, we’re very happy to offer these satisfyingly salty snacks to our Canadian customers now, too!

Deliciously crunchy and perfectly salted! A satisfying snack for anyone who loves a salty snack. Also gluten-free, vegan and made with no sugar added. Explore this salty snack that’s traditionally been enjoyed in many parts of Latin American and the Caribbean!

Ingredients: banana*, vegetable oil* (palm oil), salt. * ingredient from a fair trade relationship.

Product details

  • Name: Banana chips salt
  • Product: Fried plantain chips (salted)
  • Category: Snacks, Chips & savoury snacks,
  • Brand: Oxfam Fair Trade
  • Item weight: 85g
  • Origin country: Costa Rica
  • Cooperative: Coopesarapiqui (Costa Rica)
  • Package details: Plasticized foil bags with easy-tear seal
  • Details: If you’re familiar with Latin American and/or Caribbean cuisine, you already know that plantain chips are a delicious snack! Lightly fried with just salt, the natural starchiness of the green banana (plantain) makes these chips a little like a potato chip, only more hearty. Unlike the bananas we enjoy with our breakfast, these chips aren’t really sweet and are seasoned with salt to bring out their savoury nature. Comes in a bag of 85g, which means it’s just big enough to share with a friend, if you don’t eat them all up first yourself!

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Weight 100 g

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