Organic Wild Blueberry Premium Spread


After tasting this organic jar you will try to put it on anything and everything. Ever heard of a blueberry dutch baby? Guess we know what you’re having for breakfast. And for dinner. (We’d have breakfast for dinner every night if we could.)

Pop the lid off, and the first thing that will catch your eye is the vibrant purple colour. But you won’t focus on that for long. The whole berries scattered throughout will be what gets you to scoop out more and more. And with the first ingredient being organic blueberries (not to mention the lovely taste), you can feel good about that.

Our wild blueberries come from nearby Quebec. Only Wild Blueberries have that off-the-cuff, no restraints, crazy blueberry taste. Because they’re wild (get it?) Don’t underestimate them because of their size, they’re hiding a boat-load of antioxidants and flavour.

Why this product matters

We created a processing facility with an itty-bitty environmental footprint. We recycle 99% of our raw materials’ packaging, and we have our very own wastewater treatment plant to conserve our precious water resources. Using natural biological processes and membranes we return 95% of waste water for re-use in the plant! We also have systems that ‘recycle’ heat to warm our buildings and provide us with hot water, preventing the need to run a separate heating system. And of course, our jars are 100% recyclable. So help us complete the circle!

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This Organic Wild Blueberry Premium Spread from Crofter’s Organic is made from fresh wild blueberries and fair trade, organic cane sugar. Like most jams, it’s naturally vegan, as it’s thickened with apple pectin. Comes in a 383ml jar.

Not only is this spread bursting with the fresh flavour of wild blueberries (it’s not your typical store-bought jam!), Crofter’s is doing great work to make their product as sustainable as it is delicious. They recycle 99% of the packaging that enters their facilities holding raw materials, as well as using multiple closed-loop systems to avoid the need for things like water waste and energy-heavy cooling machines. Plus, they’re using reduced sugar to help the fruit shine! What sugar they do use is from the Native Green Cane Project in Brazil, which has revolutionized sustainable sugar cane production! (And did we mention it’s also certified by Fair For Life?)

This beautiful organic spread is going to be your new favourite!

Ingredients: Organic wild blueberries, organic fair trade cane sugar, pectin solution (water, apple pectin), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), citric acid.

Product details

  • Name: Organic Wild Blueberry Premium Spread
  • Product: Jam-style blueberry spread
  • Category: Sandwich spreads
  • Brand: Crofter’s Organic
  • Certifications: Fair For Life (sugar)
  • Item size: 383ml
  • Origin country (sugar): Brazil
  • Producer group: Native Green Cane Project (Brazil)
  • Package details: Recycled glass jar with metal lid
  • Details: This spread is in a jam style, but with less sugar than conventional jams use. And what sugar is contained in this jam comes from a sustainable producer that’s certified by Fair For Life: the Native Green Cane Project. The spread comes in a totally recyclable glass jar with metal lid, making this product plastic-free and zero-waste.

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