Organic Honeybalm lip balm by Zambeezi


So tasty, you might just eat it.

This one-of-a-kind honeybalm leaves a lingering sweetness that keeps you coming back for more. Crafted with pure, organically grown, Fair Trade ingredients, this balm is so rich, your lips will think they’ve struck gold.

Honey, Nature’s Moisturizer – A humectant, honey naturally absorbs the moisture around it to keep your lips truly hydrated. Our honeybalm utilizes honey as a primary ingredient, opposed to only a flavor additive. Maximizing honey’s humectant qualities, it naturally keeps your lips hydrated.

Soft & Soothing – Say goodbye to dry, cracked skin and hello to happy lips. Our organic, Fair Trade beeswax base provides a protective barrier, ensuring your skin retains necessary moisture.

Comfortable to Carry & Store – Our unique oval tube won’t roll off the table and comfortably slides into your pocket.

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Organic Honeybalm lip balm by Zambeezi contains fair trade, organic beeswax and honey from Zambia, as well as nourishing mongongo oil. Comes in 0.15oz/4.25g tubes, making it easy to tuck into your pocket or purse.

With the delicious flavours of vanilla, cinnamon and honey, this moisturizing lip balm contains no artificial flavours.

These lip balms are made with honey, beeswax and lanolin, meaning they’re not suitable for vegans.

Ingredients: Fair trade organic honey, fair trade organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, organic jojoba oil, fair trade organic mongongo oil, fair trade organic lemongrass oil, organic cinnamon oil, organic vanilla, organic peppermint oil, fair trade organic rosemary oil, vitamin e.

Product details

  • Name: Honeybalm organic beeswax lip balm
  • Product: Naturally-flavoured lip balm with honey
  • Category: Bath & body
  • Brand: Zambeezi
  • Certifications: Fair Trade FederationOrganic
  • Item weight: 4.25g (0.15oz)
  • Origin country: Zambia
  • Package details: plastic tube with twist bottom
  • Details: Did you know there is a thriving honey industry in Zambia, powered by wild bees? These lip balms use the resulting beeswax and honey to create these luxuriously moisturizing lip balms! The lanolin (extracted naturally from sheep’s wool) and fairly-traded Zambian mongongo oil is very nourishing to the lips, protecting them from the harsh weather that Canadians have come to know all too well! Enjoy the pleasantly sweet flavours of vanilla, cinnamon and honey in this all-natural balm!

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Weight 5 g
Fair trade body




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