Mini Belgian milk chocolates (Oxfam Fair Trade)

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Reduced for quick sale. Best before September 17, 2020.

Milk chocolate square in flow pack. Tastes great with coffee. Cocoa solids: minimum 38%.

Sourced from Conacado (Dominican Republic), Acopagro (Peru), CAC Oro Verde (Peru).

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Reduced for quick sale. Best before September 17, 2020.

Mini Belgian milk chocolates from Oxfam Fair Trade are certified by Fairtrade International. Also meet European organic standards. Available in packages of 40, 100 or 400 mini (5g) bars.

Belgian milk chocolate that’s perfect for Halloween, wedding favours, gifts and more!

Ingredients: Fairtrade organic cane sugar, Fairtrade organic cocoa butter, organic milk powder, Fairtrade organic cocoa mass, Fairtrade organic vanilla.

Product details

  • Name: Belgian Chocolate, Milk
  • Product: Miniature milk chocolate bars
  • Category: Milk chocolate (38% cocoa solids)
  • Brand: Oxfam Fair Trade
  • Certifications: Fairtrade InternationalOrganic
  • Net item weight: 2kg (box of 400), 500g (package of 100), 200g (package of 40)
  • Origin country (cocoa, sugar): Dominican Republic, Peru
  • Cooperatives: CONACADO (Dominican Republic), ACOPAGRO (Peru), CAC Oro Verde (Peru)
  • Package details: Plasticized foil inner wrappers (individually-wrapped) in cardboard box.
  • Details: The smooth richness of Belgian milk chocolate, now in fair trade minis! Perfect for kids, giving as gifts (hello, stocking stuffers!) or using at events for outreach. These mini chocolates are 5 grams each and individually wrapped.

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Fair trade body



1 review for Mini Belgian milk chocolates (Oxfam Fair Trade)

  1. Erin Bird

    Many kids do not like dark chocolate so we find that these are a big hit at events.

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