Fairtrade spice cookies (speculoos)


100% traditional product without preservatives, without colouring agents, without salt or white sugar.

Maya Vinic (Mexico)

Why this product matters

Hardworking beekeeper at Maya Vinic in Chiapas (Mexico). Photo courtesy of Maya in Belgium.
Photo courtesy of Maya.

The beekeepers of the Maya Vinic cooperative are all part of the Tsotsil, Tzeltal and Cho ‘l and are descendants of the ancient Maya. They live in the mountainous region surrounding San Cristóobal de las Casas. In this region of Mexico, coffee is the main crop, but for Oxfam Fair Trade (who helps Rosette source this product) it’s also a source of quality, fair-trade honey.

This region has been disadvantaged ever since Spanish colonization. For centuries now it has largely been seen as a reservoir of cheap labour for large coffee and sugar cane plantations across Mexico.

Maya Vinic offers its members not only economic and social solutions, but also the possibility to preserve and reinforce their own identity, language, culture and traditions. The members of this cooperative can rely on its rock-solid internal organization, unity and mutual support.

In short, we’d say Maya Vinic is a fine example of a 100% indigenous, fair-trade cooperative.

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These Fairtrade spice cookies (speculoos) from Maya are a brand new product that will help you snack ethically. Sold individually or in a bundle of 12, each 5.5g cookie is individually wrapped.

An absolutely delicious spiced honey biscuit, a little reminiscent of a gingerbread cookie. Perfect for dunking in your coffee or tea, this satisfying and crunchy little biscuit would be a delicious, light dessert. Each biscuit comes individually wrapped, so they’re great for doing outreach as well. Get some individually to try for yourself, or pick them up by the dozen!

Ingredients: WHEAT flour, raw cane sugar*, vegetable oils and fats (palm, canola), SOY flour, honey*, raising agents (sodium hydrogen carbonate), cinnamon*, nutmeg*. * ingredient from a fair trade partnership.
Contains wheat (gluten), soybeans. May contain eggs, milk, nuts.

Product details

  • Name: Maya Speculoos
  • Product: Cookies with honey and spices
  • Category: Prepared foods, biscuits and crackers
  • Brand: Maya
  • Certifications: Fairtrade International
  • Item weight: 5.5g
  • Origin country: Mexico
  • Cooperatives: Maya Vinic (Mexico)
  • Package details: Plasticized foil wrapper (individually wrapped)
  • Details: These tasty Fairtrade spice cookies come individually or by the dozen. Made with the goodness of Fairtrade honey and whole cane sugar, then spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, these biscuits are extra sweet because they support small-scale producers in Mexico! Perfect to enjoy with a cup of fair trade coffee or tea, or around the holidays!

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