Milk chocolate, 100g

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Smooth milk chocolate with a hint of creamy hazelnut for the unconditional fans of milk chocolate. The real McCoy.

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Fairtrade milk chocolate from Camino is Fairtrade Certified®. It also has organic certification by Canada Organic. Gluten-free. Available in 100g bars.

Wrapped in recyclable paper and a fully biodegradable inner wrapper made from wood resin. Please recycle and compost!

Ingredients: Whole milk powder,  Fairtrade sugars (golden cane sugar, whole cane sugar), Fairtrade cacao butter, Fairtrade cacao mass, ground hazelnuts, ground Fairtrade vanilla beans.
May contain: Almonds, Peanuts.
Contains: Milk, Hazelnuts.

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Weight 100 g
Fair trade body



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