Fair trade snacks subscription box

$27.99 / month

Fair trade snacks subscription boxes are here! This box contains assorted snacks that may be sweet, savoury or both! And since each snack is fair trade, you know those munchies are going to taste even sweeter!

Subscriptions are monthly, so each month, we will send the number of boxes you select. One box contains at least 5 different snack foods, to a total value of at least $30. So if you’d like more snacks to hold you over, you can enter a larger number in the quantity box, and we’ll send you that many boxes’ worth of snacks!

Why this product matters

Most consumers cite convenience as a barrier to making ethical purchases. Let us help you with that! There’s nothing more convenient than receiving your fair trade snacks subscription automatically every month, exactly when you’re running low on munchies! We promise to make it easy as pie to support small-scale farmers and enjoy tasty snacks in the process!

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It’s here: the only (fair trade) snacks subscription box you’ll ever need! Each month, receive a box full of at least 5 types of snacks made with fair trade ingredients! This gives you a new snack to try every 4-6 days. Want more? Just enter how many boxes’ worth of snacks you want in the quantity box, and we’ll send you enough to hold you over!

If you worry that all of your snacks will be chocolate, think again! Not only do we offer no-sugar-added options like dried fruit and naturally-sweetened drinks, we also offer salty snacks in this box. If you prefer certain types of snacks (for example, vegan, gluten-free or low sugar), you can also let us know and we’ll do our best to include more of those items in your box every month.

Many consumers tell us that purchasing ethical products isn’t convenient enough. Let us help make it convenient for you! Each month, your snacks will arrive at your door, just as you’re finishing up your last box. You never have to worry about running out of delicious snacks, and we’ll switch it up so you’re not getting bored! And if you find some snacks you love, just let us know if you’d like us to send more of them, and your wish is our command!

Shipping is always included in the subscription price, so there are no surprise fees!

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Product details

  • Name: Fair trade snacks subscription box
  • Product: Snack box delivered monthly
  • Category: Snacks
  • Package details: Cardboard box with various packages of snack foods inside
  • Details: The fair trade snacks subscription box you’ve been waiting for! With at least 5 different snacks to try (both sweet and savoury), you’ll find your new favourite munchies in no time! Each box is valued at $30 minimum, so you save a little on these snacks each month, and shipping is even included! Now, that’s pretty sweet!

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