Fair trade coffee subscription (office)


It’s here: your fair trade coffee subscription service! Enjoy a variety of fair trade, organic coffees with a side helping of anticipation, as we’ll send you different varieties from month to month!

The office subscription gives you enough coffee for about 12 cups per work day (ie. around 280 cups per month). Perfect for keeping your small- to medium-sized office energized!

This fair trade coffee subscription gives you a chance to sample a variety of coffee roasts and find your new favourite! The coffee in each month’s shipment has a retail value of over $100 and is lovingly selected from high-quality roasters from across Canada. Shipping is included in all subscription prices, regardless of the length of your subscription.

In each shipment, learn a bit about the brand that’s bringing the amazing coffee to you, with our brand spotlights!

Start saving on your caffeine fix today with this fair trade coffee subscription!



Why get a fair trade coffee subscription?

The high-quality, fair trade coffees you’ll get in your fair trade coffee subscription are worth every cent! They also arrive at your home or office once per month like clockwork, just when you’re due for a new bag. And while we do sell single bags of fair trade, organic coffee, check out the savings you can take advantage of with a subscription!

Subscription savings

Regular price (if bought separately): $108.00 per month
3-month subscription: $100.00 per month, shipping included
6-month subscription: $90.00 per month, shipping included
1-year subscription: $80.00 per month, shipping included

Prices include shipping but do not include applicable taxes.

Please note: Prices are for prepaid subscription periods only. Purchasing multiple boxes separately doesn’t qualify you for a multi-box subscription discount.

Delivery schedule

Your fair trade coffee subscription is sent out on the 15th of each month. So for example, if you place your order on September 21st, your first shipment will be sent out on October 15th. Your next shipment will be sent out on November 15th, and so on.

Need to skip a month? Just let us know! We’ll be happy to delay your remaining subscription shipments for a month. If you need to delay for longer, or multiple times, please contact us to work out a solution.


There’s an element of surprise to these subscriptions, which is part of the fun! They aren’t fully customizable, but we want to make sure that you can enjoy your items. If you aren’t delighted with the roast you get one month, please let us know so that we don’t send it to you in the future. You may also contact us to update your needs in the event that they change. In rare cases, you may have a need that we can’t fulfill. In these cases, we may issue a refund for the unused portion of your subscription fee (based on how many shipments you’ve already received).

Additional information

Subscription length

3-month subscription ($100/mo), 6-month subscription ($90/mo), 1-year subscription ($80/mo)

Roast preference

Medium roast only, Dark roast only, Decaf only, Surprise me! (assorted)


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