Fair trade coffee subscription (flexible)

$15.99 / month

Fair trade coffee subscriptions are here! This is the flexible option, for those who like to try both medium and dark roasts! Every month, you’ll get a bag of either dark or medium roast beans (perhaps some of each if you order multiple bags per month). And since each bag is fair trade, you know that morning brew is going to taste even sweeter!

Subscriptions are monthly, so each month, we will send the number of bags you select. One bag means a cup a day; two bags means two. So if you’d like 4 cups a day, just enter 4 in the quantity box and add to cart, and you’ll get enough coffee to make 4 brews per day!

Why this product matters

Most consumers cite convenience as a barrier to making ethical purchases. Let us help you with that! There’s nothing more convenient than receiving your fair trade coffee subscription automatically every month, exactly when you’re running low on coffee! We promise to make it easy as pie to support small-scale farmers and enjoy some of the best coffee in Canada in the process!

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It’s here: the only fair trade coffee subscription you’ll ever need! Each month, receive one 300-340g bag of either dark or medium roast, whole-bean coffee that’s shade-grown by small-scale farmers. Perfect if you’re not able to commit to just one or the other! This bag is just the right amount to enjoy a cup of coffee every day. Need more than a cup? Just enter how many cups per day you drink in the quantity box and we’ll send enough to brew the perfect number of cups!

Many consumers tell us that purchasing ethical products isn’t convenient enough. Let us help make it convenient for you! Each month, your coffee will arrive at your door, just as you’re finishing up your last bag. You never have to worry about running out, or finding your favourite roast is out of stock at the shop! Each month, we’ll send you a bag of dark OR medium roast coffee, and change it up so that you can find your new fave! Once you find one you love, just let us know if you’d like us to only send that, and your wish is our command!

Shipping is always included in the subscription price, so there are no surprise fees!

Product details

  • Name: Fair trade coffee subscription (dark OR medium roast)
  • Product: Coffee delivered monthly
  • Category: Dark or medium roast
  • Brands: Level Ground Trading, Just Us! Coffee Roasters
  • Certifications: varies by brand (may be Fairtrade International, Fair Trade Federation or SPP)
  • Item weight: 300g to 340g
  • Origin country: varies by brand (see above)
  • Cooperative: varies by brand (see above)
  • Package details: Plasticized foil bag with freshness vent
  • Details: The fair trade coffee subscription you’ve been waiting for! This flexible option is perfect for those who like to switch their coffee roast up! Each bag is large enough to make about 30 cups of coffee, so your next bag will be arriving just when you’re finishing your first!

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