Cha’s Organics whole coriander seed, 25g


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Favourite dishes from around the world find completion with the addition of Coriander Seed. Pleasantly earthy with sweet and citrusy notes, this spice makes a perfect compliment to it’s bolder counterparts.

Purchased on ethical terms from organic growers in India, Cha’s Organics Coriander Seed will bring you on a taste adventure from the comfort of your kitchen.

The 30g size of this product is packaged in a unique hand-crafted paper tin using upcycled paper, your purchase of this spice supports members of a women’s artisan collective in Sri Lanka.

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Cha’s Organics whole coriander seed is sourced from small-scale, family-owned farms in Sri Lanka. It also has organic certification by Canada Organic. Naturally vegan. Available in 25g boxes.

This coriander seed comes whole for versatile use in your favourite recipes. Use whole in your curries, soups, sauces and more, or grind to a powder for sprinkling on potatoes, meat dishes, vegetables and more!

Please note this is the seed of the coriander/cilantro plant, not the leaves. Some English speakers call the whole plant coriander, whether it is the leaf or seed, but this product contains only the seeds.

Recipes featuring this ingredient

Homemade garam masala (spice blend)

Product details

  • Name: Cha’s Organics whole coriander seed
  • Product: Whole seeds of the coriander (cilantro) plant
  • Category: Herbs & spices
  • Brand: Cha’s Organics
  • Certifications: Organic
  • Item size: 25g
  • Origin country: Sri Lanka
  • Package details: Recycled paper box with cellophane inner bag.
  • Details: Coriander is a warm, savoury spice used in many different cuisines. This particular product originates from Sri Lanka, where coriander seed is a staple in curries, rice dishes and more. This coriander seed comes whole, which is perfect for using in simmering dishes (such as a curry, stew or soup), but we recommend grinding the coriander for use in other dishes (such as baked or sautéed recipes).

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