Belgian milk chocolate with Brazil nuts (Oxfam)


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Reduced for quick sale. Best before September 13, 2020.

Belgian milk chocolate with cane sugar and Brazil nuts. Minimum 30% cocoa.

Sourced from Ecookim (Ivory Coast), Mauritius Sugar Syndicate (Mauritius), Hylea 1884 (Bolivia).

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Belgian milk chocolate with Brazil nuts from Oxfam Fair Trade is certified by Fairtrade International. Available in 47g snack bars.

Delectable Belgian milk chocolate with crunchy Brazil nuts.

Ingredients: Fairtrade cane sugar, whole milk powder, Fairtrade cocoa butter, Fairtrade cocoa mass, Fairtrade Brazil nuts (10%), soy lecithin (emulsifier). Cocoa solids: minimum 32%; milk solids: minimum 22.5%.

Product details

  • Name: Nuts Chocolate
  • Product: Milk chocolate bar with Brazil nuts
  • Category: Milk chocolate
  • Brand: Oxfam Fair Trade
  • Certifications: Fairtrade International
  • Net item weight: 47g each (282g per bundle of 6)
  • Origin country: Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire), Bolivia, Paraguay
  • Cooperatives: Ecookim (Ivory Coast), Hylea 1884 (Bolivia), La Felsina (Paraguay)
  • Package details: Foil wrapper inside paper wrapper.
  • Details: Smooth, creamy Belgian milk chocolate with the satisfying crunch of Brazil nuts! A definite crowd-pleaser and excellent as gifts. These bars are 47 grams and perfect for snacking.

Additional information

Weight 47 g
Fair trade body


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Single bar, Bundle of 6 bars




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