Grains & cereals

Currently showing all fair trade grains & cereals available on Rosette Fair Trade’s online store.

Here, you’ll find grains like rice and quinoa, but you’ll also see cereal like granola. (This is because oats are a main component of granola, and oats are a grain!)

In this category, most of the products are from Oxfam Fair Trade (in Belgium). However, we also carry NuTerra Granola, for instance. We usually eat at least one type of grain every day. Despite this, we haven’t yet seen the same interest in fair trade options in this category as with other products like coffee, tea and chocolate. We hope to change that! All of these products (the Oxfam ones and the granola) originate in Europe, where there is more demand for ethically-made products. Rosette brings them together to make shopping fair trade quick and easy! Now that consumers can buy these wholesome products in Canada easily, we hope to increase that demand right here at home!

So grab yourself some nutrient-packed, delicious grains today and support fair trade producers at the same time!

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