Shampoo bars

You can now get fair trade shampoo bars in Canada! These beautifully made, zero waste hair care alternatives are perfect for those who want to reduce their plastic waste. Because solid shampoo bars don’t need a plastic bottle, they’re one of the sweethearts of the zero waste and plastic free movements!

Rosette carries shampoo bars from Karité Delapointe (Delapointe Shea), which enriches their bars with fair trade, organic shea butter! What better way to support shea producers than to let them help your hair shine its brightest with this nourishing oil? We also carry shampoo bars from Tubby Tabby Soaps, an Ottawa-based brand that focuses on ethical sourcing, sustainability and reducing plastic waste. These bars are extra clarifying for those who need a thorough wash and don’t prefer added oils in their shampoo. So in other words, there’s something for everyone!

Rosette aims to make it easy for you to choose a more eco friendly choice when you’re thinking about shampoo (and hair care in general). Why not choose ethically sourced shampoo bars and make a difference in your everyday routine?

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