Fair trade food & drink available on the Rosette Fair Trade online store

Food & drink

Fair trade food & drink is an everyday way to support small-scale farmers in the Global South! Did you know that many important and popular food crops can’t be grown in Canada, and we rely heavily on the South to grow these foods? When you’re in the supermarket, you’re likely picking up items that a producer in a developing country has helped to create. The unfortunate truth is that often, those same producers are not paid a fair wage for their produce—often not even enough to cover the cost of production.

Buying fair trade food & drink is an excellent way to create positive change for a struggling producer! Small-scale producers organized into cooperatives are able to supply the demand and have a voice in their communities, which we think is pretty sweet! If you agree, check out all the great products below that we owe to these hard-working farmers!

Fair trade pantry

Grains, spices, canned goods, cooking oils and so much more!

Fair trade baking ingredients

Sugar & spice is just the beginning! We’ve also got coconut, baking chocolate and so much more.

Snacks for the whole family

Dried fruit, seed bars, sweets and spreads. There’s something here for everyone (even the picky eaters!).

Hot (or iced) beverages

Coffee, tea & hot chocolate that are delicious all year round!

Fair trade chocolate bars

The classic: fair trade chocolate!

Chocolate bars in dark, milk, white and even lots of vegan varieties!