Oxfam Fair Trade

Oxfam Fair Trade logo on Rosette Fair Trade

From the Oxfam Fair Trade website:

Oxfam considers Fair Frade as a tool for structural development in the South. We pay producers a fair price and pay them a fairtrade premium on top. The premium is spent on projects which are beneficial for the whole community.

Oxfam Fair Trade guarantees cooperatives a long-term partnership. They can count on our support and advice in technical, financial and organizational matters. Finally, we aim at a strong market position for producers in the South.

Besides this, we raise awareness of consumers, companies and public services and sensitize them to Fair Trade. Because Fair Trade is so much more than just a certification; it is an ecologically-sustainable choice. A fair price not only gives hope for a better future, but also for the way we treat our planet and its natural resources. Therefore, half of our product range has an organic certificate.

Unfair trade rules don’t offer chances to small-scale producers in the South to access the international market. With its wide range of fairtrade products, Oxfam Fair Trade shows that the alternative is possible. We trade with producers in the South on the basis of fair trade principles. A decent income, a fairtrade premium for the community and a long-term partnership give the producers the stability to invest in their development.

Hence, Oxfam Fair Trade is much more than a trader in fairtrade products. Together with partners in the South, in a movement of volunteers in the North, we strive for fair trade rules fo all. Until all trade is fair!