Delapointe (shea butter)

Unscented shea soap (shea butter) by Karité Delapointe on Rosette Fair Trade

From the Delapointe website:

A pioneer in importing Fairtrade Certified and organic certified shea butter into Canada, Delapointe is to date the only Fairtrade Canada-certified Shea Butter Company.

Delapointe distributes shea butter in bulk to North American manufacturers and produces its own range of body care including hypoallergenic soaps.

Shea butter is linked to African soil. It is a vegetable oil from shea, a tree that grows in the wild only in about twenty African countries in the Sahel band. One could compare the uniqueness of the shea tree to the sugar maple, which is found only in eastern North America. Delapointe shea butter comes from the Leo region of Burkina Faso, a landlocked country in West Africa.

Numerous rural African women make butter entirely manually. Fortunately, fair trade and international cooperation allow some shea-producing women, such as those in the Nununa Cooperative (with whom Delapointe works), have access to equipment that makes their work easier. Mills, roasters and filter pumps allow them to increase the volume of production and improve the quality while keeping the natural essence of the raw material.

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