Just Us! Coffee

Just Us Coffee Company - fair trade coffee, tea, sugar, chocolate

From the Just Us! Coffee website:

At Just Us! we stand for justice. We are not just a coffee company, but a social enterprise using coffee as a vehicle for change. We work directly with our producer-partners to work out a truly fair price based on each co-op’s true cost of production along with social premiums above the fair trade minimum price. We believe in a global community and respecting all individuals as well as the Earth we reside on.

We called ourselves Just Us! because we started out as only a small group of friends who had very little in the way of business experience or resources, but believed we could do our bit for social “justice”. To us, fair trade is about more than just price; It’s about social justice and improving the lives of workers from farms to roasters, restaurants and cafés.

We are proud that some 20 plus years after we first fired up our coffee roaster, we have held true to our founding principles. We look forward to continuing our journey and sharing our story for years to come.

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