Green Campus Cotton

Green Campus Cotton organic fair trade shirts

From the Green Campus Cotton website:

The Green Campus Co-operative is a nonprofit campus co-operative incubator that retains (at least partial) ownership of its ventures.

These ventures are designed to address specific sets of social and environmental industry-rooted problems that require a commercial, civil society and research approach when developing market-based solutions.

We are governed by students and faculty that democratically advise our strategy, research our value chains and explore social entrepreneurship through experiential learning.

We believe that in order for our world to achieve global economic equality we must re-think business and fully embrace the principles of trade justice. This is why we certify with Fairtrade Canada and adhere to the standards of the Fairtrade International system.

The choices you make matter. By sourcing your t-shirts from us you are:

  • Creating real and measurable impact for the producers along our value chain
  • Supporting a non-profit co-operative of students and faculty that teach about sustainable business through experiential education
  • Protecting the environment with organically grown cotton
  • Encouraging and validating a strong and healthy market for Fairtrade Certified cotton in Canada