Fair trade bath and body

Fair trade bath and body products are a great way to pamper ourselves while also supporting fair trade! When you purchase a simple bar of soap, a moisturizer or a cleaning cloth, all of these things have ingredients or materials in them that can be fair trade! If a product isn’t fair trade, it likely means that those elements weren’t produced ethically, and weren’t prioritizing the wellbeing of people and the planet. That’s why we make fair trade bath and body products available for Canadian consumers—now you can be sure that your products provide a fair income and are sustainable!

Including fair trade bath and body products in your day-to-day life is a simple way to make a big impact! Since we use things like soap, shampoo and wipes every day, our purchases provide a fair wage to producers every single day, too! If you get as excited about that as we do, check out the great products below to see how you’ll make your next positive impact!

Orange cocoa butter soap by Delapointe is available on Rosette Fair Trade

Fair trade soap

We offer fair trade soap in two formats: bar and liquid. While bar soap is typically more concentrated and environmentally-friendly, we only carry liquid soap that’s also concentrated and packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottle. Level-up your green cleaning today!

Fairtrade certified cocoa seed butter by Navitas Organics on the Rosette Network

Fair trade moisturizers & body butters

Fair trade moisturizers and body butters are often made up of oils that come from warm-climate crops. Fortunately, now you can be confident that your internationally-grown moisturizing oils are traded fairly! Check out these lovely moisturizers that earn makers a fair wage for their work!

Fair trade lemongrass lip balm by Zambeezi (fair trade, natural) on the Rosette Network

Fair trade lip balm

Fair trade lip balm is a really simple way to support small makers and farmers! Since lip balms last a long time and are inexpensive, it’s one of the easiest ways to work fair trade into your lifestyle! Why not pick up a tube or two today?

Blueberry solid shampoo bar by Delapointe on Rosette Fair Trade online store

Fair trade shampoo bars

Solid shampoo bars are all the rage these days—and for good reason! These concentrated bars of shampoo will replace 2-3 bottles of liquid shampoo and cut down on single-use plastic! Check out our selection today to give your hair a green clean!

Zero waste body care

We also offer fair trade accessories for a zero waste lifestyle. These include things like reusable makeup wipes and soap cozies to help you use up all your bar soap! Pick yours up today and planet earth will thank you!